As an inpatient in a psychiatric clinic, days are long and nights are even longer. An offer to play a board game leads to nightly discussions with a fellow insomniac. Night after night, you learn a little bit about each other and share your fears, anger and hope.

Late Night Games is a kinetic novel with a virtual adaptation of board game Reversi, where the pace of the story is set by your moves on the board.

Content warning: This game revolves around two mentally ill characters, suffering from chronic depression and an anxiety disorder with compulsive behaviours, respectively. The characters explicitly discuss some of their symptoms. It is set in a psychiatric clinic, though no details of medical treatment are given. There's a mention of psychiatric drugs and possible scary side effects. There is no mention of suicide/suicidal thoughts, or medical abuse.

This game was created for Narrative Driven Jam 10, with the theme Long Nights and optional sub-theme Circular Narrative


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